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                    Box Girder Formwork
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                    Box Girder Formwork 

                    The whole set of outer form for 32/24m post-tensioning precast concrete box girder is divided as two kinds: side moving type and shaft fixing type. For the first type, one set of side form can move respectively between two sets of bottom forms, which increases the using times and reduce the investment on formworks. For the other type, the side form has no position changing with respect to the bottom form. The formwork can rotate for de-molding, which improves the work efficiency in the process of molding. About the box girder formworks fabricated by our company, panels of the outer form adopts edge milling and have high accuracy for assembling, which can prevent mortar leakage; the bottom form adopts 3m sections, easy for assembling and adjusting the inverted camber; the side form mainly adopts 6m sections to ensure compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and smooth lines; the bulkhead covers the side forms and can be assembled entirely, which greatly facilitates the de-molding, assembling and adjustment.

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