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                    Tianjin Liando Ristar Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Add: No. 36, Guangyuan Road, Tianjin Wuqing Development Area, China




                    Company Profile
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                    Tianjin Liando Ristar Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Referred to as LIANDO RISTAR), as a subsidiary held by LIANDO Group, is located at No. 36, Guangyuan Road, Tianjin Wuqing Development Area, China. 

                    During recent ten years of the vigorously development of China high-speed railway construction, the company successively provides formworks products on high speed railway projects for China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC), China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC), SINOHYDRO etc., which enriches the company with rich experience on systematic solutions for formwork products; at the same time, the company has get plenty of achievements on such product fields as formwork systems for high-rise buildings, irregular building and heavy steel structures etc.  By adhering to the concept of “Focus and Professional” and the orientation as "Global Provider of Integrated Solutions on Concreting Formwork”, the company is willing to provide services to global customers.

                    The Company’s products include: segment assembly, form traveler, tunnel lining trolley, box girder, small box girder, launching girder, movable scaffolding system, heavy steel structure, integrated lifting-up formwork system for high-rise building etc. The company has made contributions to the development of China high-speed railway construction. The company has consecutively provided bridge formworks for “4 vertical and 4 horizontal railway networks”. The company is the main provider of formwork products in the construction process of China high-speed railway projects and it also provides formwork system of pre-fabricated piers column for “Hong Kong–Zhuhai-Macao Bridge”. The company has also fabricated steel structure products for such world-famous buildings as: National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Bird's Nest Stadium, CCTV Headquarters Building etc. The formwork products has been exported consecutively to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Equatorial Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, which earns unanimous high praise by domestic and foreign customers.

                    Tel: +8622-82170368
                    Add: No. 36, Guangyuan Road, Tianjin Wuqing Development Area, China
                    Postal Code: 301700
                    Fax: +8622-82170368
                    Website: http://www.discoverweimar.com
                    E-mail: ristar@liandoformwork.com
                    Technical support: www.nfree.cn