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                    Form Traveler
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                    Type of Form Traveler
                    1、Triangular Form Traveler
                    Triangular form traveler has the advantage of low gravity of front transverse beam, safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safety during walking, etc.

                    During the designing of the form traveler, we always provide different modes of traction, such as hydraulic pushing mode or pulling mode, and chain hoist mode, etc. to the constructors for the choice. 

                    The design of the form traveler could be divided into two types: external sliding girder and self-moving external formwork according to the construction conditions. When the site condition does not allow removing the form traveler at the closure part which has to go backwards to No. 0 Segment, the second type is suggested. 
                    2、Rhombic Form Traveler 
                    The rhombic form traveler has the advantages of simple structure, clear stress, big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal etc. 

                    The form traveler adopts wheels with bearing while rolling forward which reduces the frictional resistance greatly during movement; at the same time, the stainless steel plates are welded on the rails which reduced the frictional resistance between the sliding bearing and the rails during movement. The combination of these reduces the movement cycle of the form traveler by simple and convenient operation. 
                    3、Stayed-cable Cantilever Traveler 
                    Stayed-cable cantilever traveler is applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck, heavy and long segment. Most of the components concentrate on bottom frame and walking system. It has no main frame; at the same time, the lifting operation is done by the stay-cable of the bridge. Comparing with other types, the single weight of stayed-cable cantilever traveler is heavier. 


                    Shanghai-Hangzhou Passenger Railway by the 10th Group of CREC

                    Equatorial Guinea Mbini Bridge

                    Suzhou-Huai’an Railway by the 11th Bureau of CRCC

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